The Core Values of Our Mindful Process

The core values of Our Mindful Process Compassion, Kindness, Joy, & Balance

Compassion – We all experience the impermanence of pain and sorrow. It is coming to the heart that allows us to be healed. We are not alone.

Kindness – We are encouraged to fill ourselves up with kindness first, then give the kindness that flows over to others. We Can not expect others to fulfill our expectations of kindness if we are only half-full. That is not part of the Universal Design.

Joy – We shy away from the attraction to money, sex, or power as a source of elation. Instead, we enlarge our perspective, focusing on an attitude of gratitude for what we have.

Balance – We apply balance to all 3 of the principles above. Too full and we become self-righteous. Too empty, and we are driven to depression. Acting from the middle brings serenity.

I wrote this book series to be of service, to myself and others.  Mindfulness affects everything: mental, physical, and spiritual health.  The process allows us to opportunity to make decisions based on who we really are, not by what we think.  I believe it is a solution to violent crime, including gun violence.
Be curious!  Without a lack of any pre-judgment, I’m asking you to try this process.  It is the only presentation with a 365-day roadmap.
Be Curious!

Whether you’re on the street, or in a correctional facility, if you spend most of your time ruminating about your future or the past, then your mind is the prison-not where you are at.